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My Top 3 Tips for Creating an Organized Home

December 7, 2022
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Apart from design related topics, one of the things my clients ask me about the most is how to create and maintain an organization system in their home. It won’t matter how beautiful your design is if you don’t have a functional process in place to manage your things. Instead you’ll just have clutter everywhere, interfering with the function and flow of your space. Here are a few of my favorite tips on how to create and maintain an organized home!

1. Don’t hang on to things you don’t need or love.

It might make you feel good to keep those jeans that are two sizes too small “just in case,” but all they’re really doing is cluttering up your space. And let’s be honest - do you really need that box of cords and cables you’ve been moving from place to place for the last fifteen years?

Take some time to sort out any clothes you don’t wear, electronics you don’t use, or books you don’t read, and get rid of them! There are always shelters who need donations, or you can take your items to a thrift shop in your area as well. Make sure to sort through your toiletries too. You’d be surprised how many old almost-empty lotion bottles or tubes of mascara you have laying around. Lastly, reduce paper build up! Organize what you have, file what you need to keep, and recycle or shred everything else. 

2. Organize your home by color, size, and/or style.

Every area of your home can be organized, from under your bathroom sink to your refrigerator to your bookshelves. Organizing your bookshelves by color and height reduces mental load because it gives the brain an easy way to recognize where to put things back, and can be especially helpful for young children who are still learning colors and sizing! If you have extra space on bookshelves, pick up some bookends (I love these for super simple, minimalist organizing) or some fun vases or candles to style the empty areas.

Keeping your closet organized by style and color is a great way to save time and brain power in the mornings, too! Keep your dressy clothes in one area and your casual clothes in another, and keep colors together, to make it easy to grab coordinating pieces quickly. If you have limited closet space, consider investing in multilevel hangers - you can even color-coordinate them!

3. Utilize baskets, drawer dividers, and other organizational tools.

Under-sink cabinets are excellent spaces that are often overlooked when it comes to having an organized home. Get some basket drawers to keep everything neatly organized and easy to access. You can even take it a step further with drawer organizers! These are great in dresser drawers too - keep all your socks in the same drawer, but separate them by dressy/sport/casual to quickly grab the style you need. Charging cords, desk accessories, and makeup can all be organized using drawer dividers as well. And don’t forget the kitchen! I love this set for organizing my fridge and cupboards, paired with this one for food storage. 

Creating an organized home can feel like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! Some simple tricks can make a huge difference and get you on your way to feeling cozy and settled in your home. 

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