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Introducing... Tidy x Lofty Designs!

December 15, 2022
tidy x lofty designs

When I began building Tidy x Lofty Designs, the question I got most often was, “Why are you doing this? Isn’t your interior design business enough?” And while yes, I DO love interior design, it’s not enough for me. I am extremely passionate about creating spaces that are calm, and peaceful. No matter how beautiful the design might be, if there is clutter or disarray, the space simply won’t feel calm or restful at all.

When entrepreneurs talk about their “why,” it can often be a long story, filled with hardships and missteps and struggle before they finally found an idea that fit. The backstory behind Tidy x Lofty Designs is a bit more simple.

I am the youngest of six kids, raised in the middle of corn fields in rural Wisconsin. Our house wasn’t SMALL, per se, but it definitely wasn’t large, and when you have eight people living under the same roof, you can imagine how much stuff accumulates over the years. Many of my family members are also pretty sentimental, which is great, but also leads to having more items taking up physical and mental space in the home.

I have worked with interior design clients over the years, and I’ve come to realize there are so many people out there who want to have organized spaces in their homes, but they’re just not sure how to make it happen. People can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars building a brand new home, but too often, taking time to focus on combining function and scalability with form is pushed to the wayside. I have gone into freshly remodeled kitchens that have taken months to perfect, only to open a cabinet and have tupperware fall out because there's not a good system in place for how to keep it organized. Brand new custom closets will have too many hangers shoved into one space because no one figured out how to balance hanging clothes and folded.

I will be the first to admit, my Type A personality has made organizing come relatively easily to me. I can be ruthless when it comes to getting rid of extra “stuff” I don’t need, even if it would have sentimental value to someone else, but not everyone is able to let go of things that easily. They may find themselves feeling more comfortable in a cluttered space because it feels familiar. And honestly, that’s okay! I won’t judge what is important to my clients, but I will help them create a system to keep everything that matters to them in an organized environment, so they can enjoy the things they love without the mental stress that comes with having a messy space.

Let me help you regain control over your everyday life and give you back the mental energy to enjoy your home, your family, and your life. Let me help you get Tidy.

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