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How to Make Your Home Cozy for Fall | PART 1

October 9, 2022
plaid + hot cocoa

I just love Fall. The changing leaves, the air turning crisp, the smell of bonfires in the evenings, warm drinks like coffee and hot cocoa...

If I'm being honest, it's my favorite time of the year. As an Interior Designer, you can imagine that a big part of the seasons changing for me is updating home decor! In my experience, adding seasonal decor to your home is one of the easiest ways to help beat the pesky seasonal depression that can creep up around this time of year. (*Disclaimer: I am not a psychologist or doctor and this is in no way meant to be medical advise). There are so many inexpensive and easy ways to update your home for the seasons to make it feel cozy, welcoming, and authentically YOU.

In the spirit of all things Fall, I am creating a 3-part series to give you some tips and tricks on how to spice up the decor for your home this season.




It's no secret that there are different colors associated with different seasons. For example, pastel pinks, purples and yellows are often associated with Spring, while browns, creams, and greys are regularly tied to Fall. When pulling together decor for the changing seasons, I always like to tie back to the Psychology of color and how we relate to various hues and tones. Whether you bring in color with a throw blanket, some new art, a yummy candle, or even new dishware, here are the top 4 colors to incorporate this Fall.

fall colors


According to, Brown is one of the best colors for creating a cozy and warm vibe. Combined with other colors, it can create an elegant look while still providing warmth.



I am using the word "cream" rather loosely as this would tie to anything that is a softer beige/grey hue. This color range contains the warm notes of brown undertones paired with the soft and sweet feelings that the color white invokes. This color palette can be seen as comforting and soft and pairs well with browns, burnt orange, and forest green colors.



One of the most commonly used "fall colors", burnt orange exudes warmth and safety. Seen most commonly in the colors of changing leaves, this will bring the fall spirit to life in your home and can be added through the use of candles, small pumpkins, or even colored linens.

burnt orange


Green is a color commonly tied to the Summer season, however I love to utilize dark forest green when decorating for the Fall. This color is great to help beat the depressed and discouraged moods that can occur in the Fall and Winter months. Green represents endurance, stability, and balance which comes in handy to help balance out the moods from month to month. Green is our reminder that growth is still happening and the light of Spring will come again soon!


Have questions or feedback on the tips I've shared? Click the link below to reach out! I would love to hear from you. :)

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