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5 Ways to Keep Your Desk Tidy

December 13, 2022
keep your desk tidy

We’ve all been there - you start the day ready to tackle your work and be productive, then you sit down at your desk and are constantly distracted by clutter and disorganization. Even when you have a lot of things you need to keep handy, there are some simple tricks you can use to keep your desk tidy and organized, alleviating the distraction and letting you focus!

Here are my five favorite tricks for keeping your desk tidy. 

1. Get a monitor stand.

Adding a monitor stand to your desk has a number of benefits. For starters, lifting the monitor will bring it into a more ergonomic position and bring the monitor closer to the center of your field of vision, which reduces neck staring. Secondly, a monitor stand will increase the surface area of your desk, allowing you to store small items underneath it such as your glasses or a post-it pad.

I really love this stand for a sleek, modern addition that adds warmth to the space, or if you're looking for something simpler this acrylic stand is another great option!

2.) Use bookends!

Bookends are a great way to keep your desk tidy by keeping your books and binders upright and easily accessible. You’ll want to focus on finding a set that is heavy and tall enough to keep everything in place even when you remove an item. I love this marble set - it's sleek and classic and will go with almost any design.

keep your desk tidy

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3.) Invest in a small portable vacuum.

Whether it’s pencil shavings, paper scraps, or crumbs from the days we get busy and eat lunch at our desks, sometimes small messes on our desk tops are inevitable.  Rather than just wiping them off your desk onto the floor to clean up later, consider investing in a small portable vacuum for quick and easy clean up at the end of the day, so you can begin the next day with a fresh space!

keep your desk tidy

4.) Cord organizers are your friend.

Adding a cord organizer under the desk is an easy and inexpensive way to make everything look more tidy by clearing up visual clutter. Depending on your desk set up and how you’d like to maneuver everything, there are a few different options that could work for you!

Under Desk Channel Organizer 

Under Desk Cable Management

Adhesive Cord Holders

keep your desk tidy

5.) Utilize wireless charging accessories.

Use a chargeable desk mat to create a central space to charge your phone and wireless earbuds. This will keep your desk tidy by reducing the clutter of cords, plus it keeps your accessories handy for when you need them. I love this sleek charging desk mat - it even has a secret spot to hold papers!

keep your desk tidy

Once you begin to tame the chaos, you’ll find that keeping your desk tidy is actually pretty easy, and you’ll love your new distraction free space! If you need any help with making a game plan, or would like support to determine which accessories will look best in your space, please let me know! 

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