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Lofty Designs, LLC is an Interior Design consulting firm specializing in high-end residential projects in Las Vegas, NV, and beyond. Formally founded in 2021, we take pride in bringing a personal and authentic approach to Interior Design with an emphasis on beautiful and functional spaces. Offering full-service support from design conceptualization to logistics and installation, we pride ourselves on bringing you a design that is a genuine reflection of who you are.

We have worked in cities across the US including but not limited to:

Las Vegas, NV, Austin, TX, Charlotte, NC, Milwaukee, WI, Chicago, IL, Washington, DC, Phoenix, AZ.



Jolynn Hansen is the Founder, CEO, and Lead Designer of Lofty Designs, LLC.

Defining her style as "Cozy Coastal", Jolynn uses texture and layers to create modern and polished homes, inspired by the desert mountains and California coastline. Incorporating her interest in psychology, her designs center around the needs of each client to ensure every space designed is tailored to the end user.

Jolynn brings a wealth of knowledge to her projects stemming from nearly a decade of serving luxury residential and commercial clients. With a background in custom cabinetry, luxury finishings, and high-end furniture she is equipped with a unique and varied understanding of the design industry, allowing her to provide clients with an unmatched experience.

Jolynn holds a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Las Vegas, and a Master of Science in Interior Architecture from Boston Architectural College.


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